The strength of a woman


In my journey as a CF Mother, I’ve come across the strongest women of all.

Women who do everything in their power to protect their children’s health.
Women who call hospital teams their other family.
Women who can often predict a bacteria by the sound of a cough.
Women who lose an unfathomable amount of sleep to worry.
Women who would give anything in this world to trade their own health with their child’s.

Women who are protectors.
Women who are investigators.
Women who are fierce.

Women who are as soft as they are tough.
Women who are never too tired to support others in the same boat.

Women who believe in hope.
Women who believe in the future.
Women who believe in their children.
Women who believe in themselves.

Women who have aching souls but loving hearts.
Women who are sometimes up and sometimes down.
Women who carry the weight of the world, but don’t allow that heaviness to show.

Women who channel their fears into positive action.
Women who won’t take no for an answer.
Women you don’t want to mess with.

Women who are mothers.
And more than that.
Women who are CF Mothers.

Respect, love and gratitude to these wonderful women in my life.
Our connection is true.
And our tribe is strong.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “The strength of a woman

  1. You are one of the most supportive, caring big hearted kick ass lady I know, thank you for being so creative. I always love reading you wonderful pieces. Happy International Women’s day you amazing lady 💜

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