A little love for the day that’s in it

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We’re very lucky
To have a kid like you.

With your mad curly hair
And devilish grin,
Every second we spend
With you is a win.

The funniest girl
I ever did meet,
Full of laughter and giggles
You’re always a treat.

CF is a bummer,
A cross we must bear,
But with courage and resilience,
We’ll make it, I swear.

We’ve all got your back
Through sickness and health,
Our little ray of sunshine
Your presence our wealth.

We pray for a cure
Every minute, every day
So your life may be fairer
In every way.

Your genes may be shitty
But your heart is so large
I’ve no doubt you’ll show
CF who’s in charge.

As you grow up you’ll notice
You’re a little bit different,
With physio and meds,
Nebuliser equipment.

But remind yourself of this
Every time you feel low,
You’re loved and you’re treasured
More than you’ll ever know.

To Eva, our diva,
A true super star,
Believe in yourself
And trust you’ll go far.

Don’t ever let CF
Control what you do,
It’s a daily challenge
But does not define you.

You’re wise beyond your years
And totally wild,
So special, so amazing,
Our beautiful child.

The love of our lives

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